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Agastache urticifolia bumble bee

Updated Seed Germination Chart

Native plant species have different seed germination requirements. Grow your own native plants from seed using Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seed’s updated and detailed Seed Germination Chart. With seed germination information for 167 species listed on the chart, you will have the information you need to grow beautiful native plants!

KSNS Seed Germination Chart

Want to grow native horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) for pollinators? Our Seed Germination Chart can help!

Go from this:

Agastache urticifolia seed
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) seed
Agastache urticifolia seedlings
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) seedlings
Agastache urticifolia nursery plant
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) nursery plants

To this:

Agastache urticifolia siskiyou mountains
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) in the Siskiyou Mountains
Agastache urticifolia bumble bee
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia)
Agastache urticifolia-parnassian butterfly
Horsemint (Agastache urticifolia) with parnassian butterfly

With many years of native seed collection and propagation, and lots of experimentation, trial and error, and research, we have developed a handy Seed Germination Chart as an easy, go-to reference for native seed germination for native plant species that grow in the Klamath-Siskiyou region.

Although our individual seed packets come with seed germination instructions written on the back of the packet, having a chart with the seed germination requirements for many species is a helpful reference when planning a seeding project. Growing native plants is a lot easier when you know the specific seed germination needs for individual species.

Click on the link below to view or download the 5-page chart with 167 species!

KSNS Seed Germination Chart

KSNS Seed Germination Chart Preview
KSNS Seed Germination Chart Preview