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Although red baneberry grows throughout a large portion of the United States, it is always a joy to find it in the forest when out on a hike, either in bloom, or in fruit with its signature showy red berries. In the Klamath-Siskiyou region red baneberry can be found growing in generally moist and shady locations in pine forest, mixed conifer forest, red fir forest, subalpine habitat or redwood forest. Red baneberry is poisonous and caution should be taken when growing the plant ornamentally; however, many common ornamental plants are also poisonous and red baneberry is fine to grow with proper precautions.  The poisonous berries are harmless to birds which love to eat the berries and disperse the seed in the wild. Red baneberry grows 1.5′-2.5′ tall and blooms between May and July, depending on elevation. The elegant clusters of white flowers grow on stalks that rise from bushy, clumping foliage.  Although red baneberry prefers rich, deep soil, it is tolerant of a wide variety of garden soil as long as sufficient moisture is provided. Great for a moist woodland shade garden. Deer resistant. Pollinated by bees, flies and beetles.

Actaea rubra seed packets contain 1/4 teaspoon of seed.

Seed Germination Instructions

2-3 months cold-moist stratification, followed by 2-3 months warm-moist stratification, and then another 3 months cold-moist stratification. May take two years to germinate.

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