Adenocaulon bicolor-Trail plant

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Trail plant is a denizen of the understory plant community in woodland and forest. It is a member of the aster (Asteraceae) family and is native to the northern and western United States, as well as Canada. Trail plant also goes by the common name pathfinder due to the fact that the plant can be used for tracking. The top (dark green) and bottom surfaces (white and woolly) of the leaves have very different coloring, and when the leaves are overturned by a person or critter walking by the stark contrast in leaf color provides information for tracking. The very small, rayless white flowers grow on widely branched, delicate stalks in mid-summer and are pollinated by various small pollinating insects. Trail plant is the perfect species for a moist, shady area and can become a lovely groundcover.

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No pretreatment required. Sow outside in fall to early spring.

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