Calystegia occidentalis – Chaparral morning glory

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A lover of dry, sun-baked sites, chaparral morning glory is a native perennial that is found mainly in California and Oregon, where it grows in various habitats, including chaparral, oak woodlands, pine forests and along rocky, open ridgelines and open slopes. It goes by a wide variety of common names, including: western morning glory, chaparral false bindweed, western chaparral morning glory, pale morning glory, and Modoc morning glory. It has small green leaves in the shape of spades or arrowheads that grow on trailing vines that twist and climb onto nearby shrubs, trees or taller vegetation. If it doesn’t have something to climb and vine into it will spread across the ground alongside other herbaceous plants. Chaparral morning glory grows from a woody base and is deciduous, dying back in late summer when it goes to seed after flowering. It is a smaller vining plant, typically only reaching a maximum of 3-4′ in length/height. The large, white flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, depending on elevation. Butterflies, bees and moths are attracted to the flowers. Chaparral morning glory will prefer to grow in full sun with light to moderate watering. Once established it shouldn’t need any extra irrigation. 

Chaparral morning glory (Calystegia occidentalis) seed packets contain approximately 35 seeds per packet.
Seed Germination Requirements
No pretreatment required. Sow seeds outside in fall to early spring.