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Wincup clarkia is a sweet annual wildflower in the Evening Primrose (Onagraceae) family, native to western North America, where it grows in a variety of habitats, including grassland, chaparral, foothill woodland, yellow pine forest, and openings in mixed conifer forest. Winecup clarkia is also referred to by its other common names, purple clarkia or purple godetia. The reddish stem has toothless green leaves that are linear to lance shaped. The flowers have four petals, usually one to two centimeters long, in shades of pink, purple, or deep red reminiscent of wine, hence the name winecup clarkia. The flowers often have a streak or spot of pink or red in the middle, making a striking display en masse. Winecup clarkia can grow 6″-2′ tall, depending on conditions. It blooms in spring to early summer, depending on elevation. Winecup clarkia is adaptable to many soil types and is tolerant of a wide range of habitats. It is very drought tolerant. After blooming and setting seed in the summer it will die back, and then reproduce from seed the following year. Winecup clarkia is attractive to native bees, syrphid flies, and other pollinators.

Winecup clarkia (Clarkia purpurea) seed packets contain approximately 525 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

No pretreatment required. May germinate with fall rain or in early spring. Sow outside in fall. Sow at a shallow depth or surface sow.

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Pink, Purple

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Soil Moisture

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