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This stunning, very large herbaceous flowering plant goes by the common names umbrella plant or Indian rhubarb. It is an elegantly beautiful plant and lover of wet or moist locations, preferring to grow along streams and rivers throughout its range. It is native to northern California and southwest Oregon and is a member of the saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae). In late spring the pretty pink flowers emerge before the large leaves. Umbrella plant spreads slowly by its tough, strong rhizomes that are adapted to withstanding the pounding of high water in rivers and creeks. A large plant, Umbrella plant typically grows 2′-4′ tall, but can occasionally grow taller. It also grows up to 3′ wide. The peltate leaves are rounded, deeply lobed, and toothed — large enough to be an umbrella! The leaves are green in the summer and turn gorgeous shades of yellow and red in the fall before going dormant in the winter. Umbrella plant is perfect for a moist location alongside a pond, stream, or other wet locations with standing or running water. With adequate water it can tolerate full sun, but may benefit from part or full shade in a hot location. Umbrella plant flowers are pollinated by insects, including bees, butterflies and beetles. Deer resistant.

Umbrella plant (Darmera peltata) seed packets contain approximately 260 seeds per packet.

Seed Germination Requirements

No pretreatment needed. Surface sow in early spring and keep the soil very moist.

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Flower Color

Pink, White

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Soil Moisture

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