Erythranthe cardinalis-Scarlet monkeyflower

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Perennial Wildflower

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How can you not love scarlet monkeyflower? This adaptable, easy-going wildflower has 2″ red, nectar-rich, tubular flowers that are highly attractive to hummingbirds and humans alike. When hummingbirds feed on the nectar of the flower their foreheads get covered in pollen which is then transferred to the next plant, aiding pollination. Blooms June-October. Generally found growing in seeps and springs or along rivers and creeks, scarlet monkeyflower does well under normal garden conditions with regular watering, and it may even self-sow in moist garden or nursery conditions. This robust, spreading perennial has soft toothed leaves and grows 2′-3′ tall. Because scarlet monkeyflower is rhizomatous, it can be propagated by root division. Seeds germinate without pretreatment. Also attracts native bees and butterflies.

Scarlet monkeyflower (Erythranthe cardinalis) seed packets contain approximately 150 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

No pretreatment required. Sow outside in fall to early spring. Seed needs light to germinate, surface sow.

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