Erythranthe (Mimulus) guttata-Yellow seep monkey flower

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Annual or Perennial Wildflower

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A cheerful inhabitant of moist streambanks, seeps and springs, yellow seep monkeyflower grows throughout the West. Due to its ability to grow in moist locations within diverse habitat types, ranging from chaparral to montane meadows, yellow seep monkeyflower is highly variable in form. It can grow as an annual from fibrous roots, or as a perennial with rhizomes. The happy faced, bright yellow, snapdragon-like tubular flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds, but the main pollinators are bees. Yellow seep monkeyflower grows to a height of 1′-3′ and a spread of 8″, and will be happiest if sited in a moist location with full sun or part shade. Tolerates a wide variety of soil types as long as adequate moisture and drainage are provided. Deadheading may lengthen the bloom time. May self-sow in moist locations. Pretreatment is not needed for seed germination. Perfect for the edge of a pond or accenting a water feature or fountain. Deer resistant.

Seed Germination Instructions

No pretreatment required. Sow outside in fall to early spring. Seeds need light to germinate, surface sow.

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