Gilia capitata-Bluehead gilia

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Bluehead gilia is a cheerful annual wildflower that is perfect for a dryland meadow or rock garden alongside other annuals. Native to much of western North America, bluehead gilia can be highly variable, with the spherical flower cluster ranging in color from blue, white, pink, or lavender. But no matter the color, bluehead gilia is sure to attract a wide variety of pollinators, especially native bees and butterflies. Bluehead gilia grows from valley bottom to high elevation, and is generally found growing in sunny, sandy, rocky areas, or other locations with good drainage.

Bluehead gilia (Gilia capitata) seed packets contain approximately 600 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

30 days cold-moist stratification. May germinate with fall rain or in early spring. Sow outside in early fall.

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Blue, Lavender, Pink, White