Iris chrysophylla-Yellowleaf iris

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Don’t let the pretty iris flowers fool you, yellowleaf iris is a tough, drought tolerant wildflower that can hold its own in rocky, dry, fast draining soil. It is native to western Oregon and a few counties in northwest California. Yellowleaf iris is generally found growing in open mixed conifer forest, pine forest, oak woodland and chaparral at low to mid elevations.  This herbaceous perennial wildflower grows from dark brown slender rhizomes. The name yellowleaf iris is a misnomer, as the leaves are generally green. The leaves are narrow and fibrous and have historically been used for cordage by some Native Americans tribes. The flowers are cream to yellow, with dark reddish-brown veins. The flower color varies widely. Some flowers are more white and others are more yellow with darker venation. Bloom time is in the spring. Yellowleaf iris is low growing. When in full flower it is still generally under 10″ tall. Yellowleaf iris can tolerate a variety of sun conditions, from full sun to shade, but it will bloom more with more sun. Deer resistant.

Yellowleaf iris (Iris chrysophylla) seed packets contain approximately 40 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

90 days cold-moist stratification. Sow seeds outside in fall to early winter.

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Cream, White, Yellow


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