Iris tenax-Toughleaf iris

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Toughleaf iris also goes by the common name Oregon iris. This uncommon perennial wildflower has large, showy, lavender-blue to purple flowers that bloom in mid to late spring. The flower color can be highly variable. Toughleaf iris grows in grasslands, meadows, woodlands, and forest openings at low- to mid-elevation. It is native to western Washington and western Oregon. When in flower it grows to a height of 8″-14″. The bright, slender green leaves are grass-like, and as the common name suggests, the leaves are though and fibrous, and have been used for nets, ropes, and other cultural uses. Toughleaf iris slowly spreads by rhizome. It prefers to grow in shade to part-shade in sandy or loamy soils. It does not grow well in clay soil, but generally grows well in most garden settings. Once established toughleaf iris is deer resistant. 

Toughleaf iris (Iris tenax) seed packets contain approximately 50 seeds per packet.

Seed Germination Instructions

Warm-moist stratification 2-4 weeks, followed by 60-90 days cold-moist stratification. Sow outside in early fall.

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Flower Color

Blue, Lavender, Purple

Plant Type

Soil Moisture