Keckiella corymbosa-Red beardtongue

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Formerly classified in the genus Penstemon, red beardtongue is a flowering woody subshrub, growing 1′-2′ tall, now classified in the genus Keckiella. Red beardtongue is endemic to California, with populations north into Siskiyou County. It is found growing in sunny openings in mixed-evergreen forest, redwood forest and yellow pine forest. Within its range it is often seen growing in rocky substrate along roadsides. The dark green foliage gives rise to bright, brick red tubular flowers that are highly attractive to pollinators, especially hummingbirds. Because this species flowers June-September, when many other nectar sources are done flowering for the season, it is a very important nectar source for hummingbirds at lower elevations throughout its range in mid to late summer. Little to no summer water, well-drained soil and full sun are preferred.

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30 days cold-moist stratification. Sow outside in fall or early spring.

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