Phlox adsurgens – Woodland phlox

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Woodland phlox is graceful and delightful perennial wildflower that inhabits open forests and woodlands in part-shade conditions at low to mid elevations. Woodland phlox is native to Oregon and California, and goes by the additional common name, northern phlox, mainly in California where it only grows in the far northern Coast Range.  Flowering in late spring, woodland phlox has lovely, showy, five-lobed, pink flowers with white and pink centers. Its growth habit includes decumbent stems that recline on the ground, but with upright and ascending flowering branches — the Latin specific epithet, adsurgens, means “rising upwards.” It can creep along the ground as a mat-forming plant, or remain as a clump, and generally grows between 4″-12″. It has shiny green leaves that are oppositely arranged. Woodland phlox is in the Phlox (Polemoniaceae) plant family.

Woodland phlox (Phlox adsurgens) seed packets contain approximately 40 seeds per packet.

Seed Germination Instructions

Sow seeds outside in fall to early winter.

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