Prunus subcordata – Klamath plum

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Klamath plum is a tough yet beautiful deciduous shrub or small tree in the rose (Roseaceae) plant family that grows on slopes, ridges, and hillsides; along rocky river canyons; in mixed conifer or pine forests, and as part of chaparral plant communities, at low to mid elevations in portions of Oregon and California. It is also called Oregon plum, Pacific plum, or Sierra plum. It has lovely 1″ wide, white to pink clusters of flowers in the spring, and 1″, roundish or oblong, plum-like drupes in late summer.

The fruit is edible and can be made into delicious preserves. At times Klamath plum has been grown in agricultural experiment stations and cultivars have been created because the fruit is highly prized.

It is a slowly spreading, clump forming shrub that sprouts from the base when cut or burned. It can grow as solitary shrubs in open habitat, or as dense thickets where favorable conditions occur. The green, serrated leaves can put on a colorful display in fall.

The flowers are attractive to a wide variety of pollinators.

Grow in full sun to part shade. Klamath plum is very drought tolerant once established, but is definitely not deer resistant. Cage until it is at least 4′ tall in areas with high deer pressure – they love it!

Klamath plum (Prunus subcordata) seed packets contain 15 large seeds per packet.

Seed Germination Instructions

This species requires 90 days cold-moist stratification to germinate. Sow seeds outside in fall to early winter and let nature do the stratification naturally outside, if you have cold enough winters. If you live in an area with mild winters, you may need to provide the cold-moist stratification artificially. For more information please read through the information in our Seed Germination and Propagation Reference Guide.

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