Ribes lacustre-Swamp currant

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Deciduous Shrub

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Swamp currant also goes by the names prickly currant or black gooseberry due to the spiny stems and dark purple to black glandular fruit.  Swamp currant grows in moist forest or meadows edges, along riparian areas, or in seeps and wetlands. This deciduous shrub grows 3′-5′ tall. The cream to maroon-purple flowers bloom in the spring and are attractive to many pollinators. The fruit is eaten by birds and small mammals. Swamp currant prefers part shade and moist conditions. Swamp currant responds well to pruning and will resprout from its adventitious root system.

Seed Germination Instructions

120 days cold-moist stratification. Sow seeds outside in fall.

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Flower Color

Cream, Magenta, Maroon

Plant Type

Soil Moisture

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