Symphoricarpos albus-Snowberry

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Common snowberry is defined by its whimsical snow white berries. It is a deciduous shrub that typically grows 3′-5′ tall, spreading by rhizome (sucker) to form a thicket. In dry soil conditions it will spread less, and in moist soil conditions it will spread more. The branches are slender and wiry, with opposite green leaves. It tends to grow in a rounded shape with the branch tips drooping downward. Common snowberry has tiny pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers that are attractive to many pollinators. Although the flowers can be somewhat inconspicuous to humans, pollinators find them and adore them! The resulting white berries are eaten by some birds. Common snowberry is a member of the honeysuckle (Caprifoliaceae), and is a larval host plant for the snowberry checkerspot butterfly. Blooms in early summer. Prefers full sun to part-shade and medium moisture. Tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions. Common snowberry can provide winter interest due to the fact that the berries often remain on the naked stems in winter.

Symphoricarpos albus seed packets contain 1/4 teaspoon of seed.

Seed Germination Instructions

90 days warm-moist stratification (80 degrees), then 120-180 days cold-moist (40 degrees) stratification. Sow seeds outside in late summer to early fall.

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