Symphyotrichum foliaceum-Leafybract aster

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Native asters are integral to pollinator gardens and habitat restoration projects because they provide pollen and nectar for late-season pollinator species, including monarch butterflies that are fattening up as they fly south for the winter. A member of the aster (Asteraceae) family, leafybract aster is native to the western United States. Leafybract aster is a refined and showy perennial wildflower that blooms July-September, or longer with deadheading. Leafybract aster flowers have a yellow center comprised of many disk flowers. The outer ray flowers are light blue to blue-violet. The flowers are attractive to many kinds of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, beetles, pollinating flies, and moths. In the wild leafybract aster grows in open, usually moist areas in the mountains, often in meadows, along streams or in open forest at mid to high elevations. The 1′-2.5′ tall flowering stems rise from large, 2″-5″ basal leaves. Prefers medium to moist conditions with full sun. Adaptable to various soil types. Will flower until frost with deadheading. Plant leafybract aster and watch the pollinators flight over the yummy flowers!

Leafybract aster (Symphyotrichum foliaceum) seed packets contain approximately 220 seeds per packet.

Seed Germination Instructions

No pretreatment required. Sow outside in fall to early spring.

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Blue, Lavender

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