Trillium albidum-Giant trillium

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Giant trillium is a graceful and fragrant spring wildflower that goes by additional common names such as giant white wakerobin, white toadshade, or sweet trillium. It prefers to grow in part shade to shade or dappled sunlight and moist, rich soil with good drainage. Trilliums are long-lived plants but may take 3-5 years to bloom when grown from seed. After blooming in early spring Giant trillium will be summer dormant. The white flowers are attractive to many pollinators, including bumblebees, moths, and beetles. Trilliums do well in shaded to partly shaded woodland gardens with some supplemental early summer irrigation in dry locations. Giant trillium seeds are distributed by ants and yellowjackets which are attracted to the fleshy seed coat.

Giant trillium (Trillium albidum) seed packets contain approximately 60 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

Seed requires two warm/cold cycles to germinate. Plant outside in fall. Seeds will germinate the second spring after being sown. If you direct sow the seeds, be sure to mark where you sowed them.

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