Triteleia hendersonii-Henderson’s triteleia

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Henderson’s triteleia is a magnificent perennial wildflower found in dry foothill woodland, chaparral, openings in mixed evergreen forest, and on rocky slopes. Henderson’s triteleia has mainly yellow or sometimes white flowers with a dark purple or brown midvein and blue anthers. These flowering scapes have 2-3 narrow basal leaves and grow to about 4″-12″ tall. It blooms in late April to June depending on elevation and goes summer-dormant after flowering. Henderson’s triteleia has a restrictive range and is native to Siskiyou County in northern California and southwest Oregon up to Lane County. On a local level, within its range in southwest Oregon, Henderson’s triteleia can be quite common, but it is considered a rare species in California. Mature flowering plants may take several years when grown from seed. Henderson’s triteleia prefers sun to part-shade and well-drained soil. It is very drought tolerant and does not need any summer irrigation once established.

Henderson’s triteleia (Triteleia hendersonii) seed packets contain approximately 140 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

60-90 days cold-moist stratification. Sow outside in fall to late winter.

Sow seeds in pots or direct sow outside in fall with a light dusting of soil over the seeds and let nature do the stratification naturally outside if you have cold enough winters. If you live in an area with mild winters, you may need to provide the cold-moist stratification artificially. For more information please read through the information in our Seed Germination and Propagation Reference Guide.

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