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Seed Germination and Propagation Reference Guide

Click on the buttons below for more detailed information about germination and propagation of seeds you purchase from Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds. Whether you are growing natives in a home nursery, sowing a native wildflower meadow, or taking part in habitat restoration work, our native seed germination and propagation information will help you succeed!

In November 2023, Suzie from Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds gave an online presentation for the OSU Extension Land Stewards Program, based out of the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center in Jackson County.

Propagating Native Plants from Seed
Presentation description: This class presents basic skills for successful native seed collection, cleaning, and propagation to help you grow native plants to increase biodiversity and habitat on your land or in your garden. Topics include ethical native seed collection techniques, seed cleaning with basic home supplies, seed germination requirements for specific species, growing natives in nursery containers, and direct seeding techniques.

The presentation is about an hour and fifteen minutes, with some Q&A at the end. There is a few minutes of announcements by the Land Stewards host at the beginning of the recording, and the presentation begins about four minutes into the recording. Click on the YouTube link above to watch the presentation.