Lomatium macrocarpum-Bigseed biscuitroot

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A quintessential rock garden plant due to its propensity to grow in rocky habitat within the Klamath-Siskiyou region, bigseed biscuitroot it is also adapted to growing in dry grasslands and prairies locally and throughout the West, including the grasslands of the Great Plains. A perennial species in the carrot family, bigseed biscuit root has lacy, highly dissected, gray-green foliage that is low and spreading between .5′-1.5′ tall, and arising from a thick, tuberous base. This sweet little wildflower has flower clusters that bear an umbel of grayish-white, purplish-white, or yellow flowers that are attractive to many pollinators, including bees and butterflies.Blooms April to June. As the common name suggests, bigseed biscuitroot has a large seed for its small stature. A lover of dry, open and rocky areas, bigseed biscuitroot can also be found in open grasslands at low to moderate elevations. Lomatium species are larval host plants for the anise swallowtail butterfly. The roots of biscuitroot were historically an important food source for many Native American tribes, and are still enjoyed today.

Bigseed biscuitroot (Lomatium macrocarpum) seed packets contain approximately 40 seeds.

Seed Germination Instructions

60-90 days cold-moist stratification. Sow outside in fall to late winter.

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